BBP Media: Examining the business benefits and drawbacks of the internet’s latest AI obsession – ChatGPT

We are very happy and proud to share Artem Koren, Sembly AI’s CPO and Co-Founder, expert insights on the future of generative AI in the business world in his recent interview with BBP Media.

Generative AI technology has made a lot of noise in the news recently with the release of ChatGPT but what exactly is the appeal of ChatGPT, and is it the future for companies looking to upgrade their business workflow?

Learn about the exciting possibilities and the crucial considerations you need to make before integrating this technology into your workflow.

AI can be very helpful in corporate settings. AI platforms can assist in a variety of admin tasks, for example, taking meeting notes for you, turning meetings into searchable records sorted by keyword, key item or attendee, generate meeting summaries with discussed topics and their details. If workers were unable to attend a meeting, they could potentially send an Al participant to attend for them without missing key information.
Artem Koren
Artem Koren
Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder at Sembly AI
Examining the business benefits and drawbacks of the internet’s latest AI obsession: ChatCPT

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