Sembly AI Partners with SideKick Ai

Sembly AI Partners with Sidekick Ai

We at Sembly AI are thrilled to announce our partnership with SideKick AI, the innovative scheduling software that is built smarter with AI and language processing.

SideKick Ai is a scheduling solution that leverages artificial intelligence and language processing capabilities to streamline the scheduling process for our users. With a focus on user-friendliness, SideKick Ai offers several convenient options for arranging meetings, making the scheduling experience smoother and more efficient.

This partnership represents a major step forward in our mission to bring the power of AI to your everyday work. With Sidekick AI handling the scheduling and Sembly AI assistant joining your calls, you’ll have everything you need to run smooth and productive meetings.

“We are happy to partner with SideKick AI as it is a natural fit with Sembly in the meetings workflow. Whereas Sidekick AI focuses on bringing intelligence to meeting scheduling, Sembly AI is focused on bringing intelligence to meeting outcomes, follow-on, and making the overall meeting environment more effective for teams and organizations as whole.

We are excited about the proliferation of AI in the meeting space both in the mechanics of scheduling and conducting meetings as enabled by SideKick AI, as well as the ultimate purpose of conducting meetings, which is to drive results, which is where Sembly excels.”
Artem Koren
Artem Koren
CPO, Co-Founder at Sembly AI

Sidekick scheduling works really great with other Sidekick users to instantly find a time that works for everyone. Email scheduling feature allows users to simply forward over an email to Sidekick and it handles the rest.

Sidekick Ai helps you schedule meetings
“The Sembly AI CPO Artem Koren introduced me to Sembly AI, which I follow. He shared Sembly AI’s vision and focal areas. It just seems like a natural fit to partner and offer our tools to both of our user communities. I’m excited about the synergies of our partnership.”
Chris Ake
Chris Ake
CEO at Sidekick Ai

At Sembly AI, we believe that technology should work for you, not the other way around. We are enthusiastic about the integration of AI in the realm of meetings, both in terms of scheduling and conducting them, facilitated by SideKick AI. 

Additionally, our focus is on elevating the outcome of meetings, which is where Sembly excels, with a goal of driving results and maximizing the efficiency of the meeting experience for teams and organizations as a whole.

We’re confident that this partnership will bring even more value to our users, helping you stay organized and on top of your game, both during and after your meetings. 

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