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meeting minutes

Extract meaning from your meetings in one click. Get a summary with topics discussed, decisions made, and actions planned right after the call.

Works with Zoom, gMeet, Teams and Webex.

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Make meetings worth everyone’s time

Have you ever left a meeting wondering what decisions were made and who is responsible for what tasks? We have you covered. Sembly generates meeting minutes with brief, sharable summaries of what happened during the meeting. It captures essential meeting outcomes such as topics discussed, key decisions, and action items.

How it works

Sembly captures

Joins, records and stores your meetings

Invite Sembly with email, meeting link or sync your calendar. Easy setup, no downloads needed.

Sembly understands

Transcribes the meeting, summarizes key takeaways

Identifies topics, actions, issues, risks, and requirements.

Sembly creates

Generates meeting minutes

Sembly organizes key items into meeting minutes that you can edit and share with colleagues.

Invite Sembly to your next meeting

Turn your meetings into shareable summaries

Auto extract discussed topics,
action items, requirements, issues, and risks.
Three easy editable meeting minutes templates.

Save your time with Sembly

Automate your follow-ups

Sembly generates a summary with essential meeting outcomes and emails it to participants after the conversation.

Get your minutes done on time

Don’t waste time on manual note-taking. Let Sembly put together key takeaways of the meeting for you. Bulleted topics, action items, requirements, issues, and risks.

Keep all your meetings for a quick recall

Turn your meetings into searchable records that live in one place. Find a specific part by keyword, key item, or attendee.

Review a meeting in 5 minutes

Keep the entire team up-to-date with meeting summaries. Inform non-attendees on what happened, create a shared understanding of the meeting outcomes, keep a record for future reference.

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