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Meeting technology for the modern teams

Use Sembly Team to unleash the power of AI in business meetings by transforming them into actionable insights. Now, you can focus on moving your team forward and improving communication, efficiency, and effectiveness of your work.

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Forget about…

Too many meetings

Get time back! Use Sembly to share meetings with team members who couldn’t attend or send Sembly to attend a meeting that you can’t make

Inconsistent meeting minutes

Meeting minutes are inconsistent, missing key actions, challenges that need to be met, and associated agenda items. Sembly automatically detects Key Items and creates a Meeting Digest that can be shared with your team and clients

Slow information flow

With Sembly post-meeting and in-meeting attendees continue the dialogue well after the meeting ends. Information flow increases with continuous communication between team members that reduces the need to wait for the next meeting to resolve an issue

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Discover how Sembly AI can help you and your team to achieve more. Request a personalized live demo with one of our experts to gain efficient and effortless on-boarding experience.


Whether you’re just getting started with Sembly or you’ve been an active user for some time, there’s always something new to discover and ways to improve! Our webinars are designed to keep you and your team updated.

Priority Support

An offering designed to provide our customers with faster response time allowing them to stay focused on growing their business.

Benefits for the entire team

Workspace and Collaboration

Sembly Team allows collaboration and sharing the meeting with teammates and colleagues. Changing meeting transcriptions, updating key items, and other things will be available when you work with the same meeting with the team. You will have one agent for the whole team, who will deliver identically valuable insights to everyone on the team.

Meeting Summary (“Glance View”)

Save time by using Sembly’s Glance View feature. This unique feature helps you quickly understand what the meeting was about, what key topics were discussed, and what the main outcomes were. Share structured results of the meeting with your clients or team members who were not present at the meeting.

Meeting minutes

Beautiful, complete, content-powered minutes to easily share progress with your team or clients. Sembly takes the hassle out of creating meeting minutes. Sembly provides automated templates and a rich set of options to add or change meeting minutes and include or exclude key items that you can quickly share with anyone.

Autodetected Actions, Issues, Risks and Requirements

Never miss an action item or an issue again with automatic item detection. Sembly automatically identifies next step actions, issue items, risks and requirements for products or processes that were discussed during the meeting. A list of key items provides a complete picture of important discussion parts that can be quickly converted into tickets and tasks.

Commitment to privacy and security

Privacy and security are our top priority. Our technology and processes undergo rigorous audits to ensure compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements, enabling us to deliver a secure and reliable experience to our customer

You and Sembly make a great team!

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