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Sembly joins your calls with no downloads or installs

Sync Sembly with your Outlook or Google calendar or invite Sembly to your call in progress. Currently supports English only.

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Sembly in 3 easy steps

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Invite Sembly or Upload audio recording

Connect your Google or Outlook calendar. You can also invite Sembly to the an ongoing or unscheduled call at any time.

You can easily upload a pre-recorded audio file in the Sembly app.

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Sembly joins your call

Sembly agent will join any call it is invited to, introduce itself, and record the call. It can even attend a call when you’re not there!

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Review your call in the Sembly app

Shortly after the call, feel the magic of AI: automated meeting notes, high-accuracy transcript and a smart summary will appear in Sembly. Your automated meeting minutes are ready to be shared!

Easy prep

Forget about rushing to remember what happened in the prior meeting. Sembly takes the hassle out of meeting preparation by making previous meeting details available at your fingertips, so you can naturally follow-on from previous discussions on relevant topics

Focus on the conversation

Sembly tracks all the details so you can focus on the conversation. Sembly’s smart AI tracks Actions, Issues, Risks, Requirements and Events to help you zoom-in on key items, in case you missed something during your call or just want to confirm specific details from the discussion

Automate your follow-ups

Have you ever left a meeting wondering what decisions were made and who is responsible for what tasks? We have you covered. Sembly generates meeting minutes with brief, sharable summaries of what happened during the meeting. Client commitments, tasks from your boss — Sembly saves them all for whenever you may need them. You’re welcome!

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Sembly connects to all major platforms

SOC 2 Certification

Sembly is officially SOC II compliant as of August 11, 2022

You and Sembly make a great team!

Try Sembly on your next call and you’ll never go back to agentless meetings again

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