How Sembly works

Sembly automatically joins your calls with no downloads or installs

Before the meeting

How to get started?

Sync Sembly with your Outlook or Google calendar. Sembly will automatically join all your calls with no downloads or installs.

What if I don’t want to sync my calendars?

No problem! You can invite Sembly to a future or an ongoing meeting or you can record an in-person meeting using your mobile phone.

What platforms Sembly can join? Can I record in-person meetings?

Sembly works with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom.

Can I upload my past recorded audio or video files?

Yes! Use the upload feature to upload a previously recorded audio or video file and Sembly will do the rest.

During the meeting

How would I know if Sembly joined my call?

Sembly shows up on your call as a regular participant — it will join any call it is invited to, introduce itself, and record the call. It can even attend a call when you’re not there!

How can I pause/resume meeting recording?

Use the webapp or Chrome Extension to control Sembly during the call — you can pause/resume Sembly recording or stop it from attending the rest of the call.

How can I remove Sembly from the call?

You can use the “stop” button in Sembly interfaces or simply remove the Sembly Agent participant from your conference call using your conference platform features.

What I need to do when the meeting ends?

Nothing! Just hang tight while we process your meeting. It may take up to 50% the duration of the call to fully process the meeting. Results will be available in the Sembly webapp.

After the meeting

What will Sembly do after the meeting?

After the meeting, Sembly will present the Meeting Notes, the insights in Key Items, and the full transcript of the meeting. It will also execute any integration rules you setup to send content to other apps.

Where I can find my meeting recordings?

After it is processed, your meeting is available in the My Meetings tab.

What is Sembly AI Meeting Notes?

Sembly’s meeting notes view presents a focused digest of the meeting, including key topics discussed and insights under each of those topics. Meeting Notes will appear in the same language the meeting was conducted in. For mixed-language meetings, Sembly will pick the language most appropriate for that meeting.

How can I share meeting notes with the team?

You can easily share Sembly Meeting Notes. These notes can be exported to PDF, markdown, shared directly with other Sembly users, or as a guest link for those who don’t have a Sembly account.

Automations & AI-powered chatbot

How to create a native integration for pushing meeting notes, transcriptions, and tasks to the preferred app?

Your personal Automations are on the left side menu inside the Sembly web app. You need to find the app in the Sembly Automations tab, connect it, and create an Automation rule.

How can I create and manage teams inside my Sembly Workspace?

As soon as you create a Team in Settings, you will be able to add it as a filter to any Workspace Automations and add as a Team badge for any scheduled meeting.

What is Semblian™ AI meeting chatbot?

Semblian is “ChatGPT” for your meetings. Ask it questions or have it generate an email based on a meeting and get a cogent, professionally worded response, saving you hours of manual work.

How can I ask questions about my meetings?

Open any completed meeting and click the Semblian icon at the bottom right of your screen. Semblian can craft personalized messages that highlight the key takeaways from the meeting and offer insights into the efficiency of meetings.

Frequently asked questions

Sembly unlocks immense value from meetings for individual professionals, teams, and organizations.

For the individual, you gain the ability to recall all past meetings, focus on the discussion while Sembly takes meeting notes, and to not worry about missing a meeting since Sembly can attend for you and send you all the details after the call. Additionally, Sembly shows your commitments across all your meetings, so you never miss an important follow-on task.

For the team, Sembly gives unprecedented ability to share meeting outcomes across the team, allowing for fewer attendees in each meeting and for fewer meetings overall. Additionally, Sembly’s smart AI identifies key items in the discussion, such as actions, decisions, issues, risks, and more, so that no important follow-on is overlooked.

For the organization, Sembly improves the quality of worklife, creates a library of meeting transcripts and meeting notes across all participating team meetings, and improves the overall productivity of your employees by reducing time wasted in meetings, since with Sembly teams can attend less, while getting more done.

How can we use Sembly effectively?

You can get the most value from Sembly by:

  1. Add your entire team to Sembly, as there are network effects and benefits as more people in your organization use Sembly.
  2. Make sure each teammember connects their calendar to Sembly, this way all relevant meetings will be captured and analyzed.
  3. Review your commitments and identified key items regularly to ensure you didn’t miss any key points during your meetings.
  4. Whenever you have a swell of meetings in one day, remember — Sembly’s got this! Use the Proxy Attendance feature to relay a message to the team on your behalf and have Sembly attend the meeting instead of you.
  5. Download the Sembly mobile app (Android or iOS) so you can access your Sembly content anywhere.
  6. Install the Sembly Chrome Extension so you can instantly invite Sembly to a meeting in progress without needing to navigate to the webapp.
  7. Sembly Automations empowers teams to connect their workflow apps to meeting notes and tasks, boosting post-meeting effectiveness while reducing manual steps. Enable integrations and have Sembly automatically post Meeting Notes to Slack, or have Sembly automatically populate your todo’s by streaming your commitments to your favorite todo app!

We take security and user privacy very seriously. Through rigorous security audits, secure data storage, employee audits, and compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements, we ensure security and privacy for our users.

Sembly is SOC 2 Type II compliant as of 2022 and is fully GDPR compliant. Visit our Trust Center

Sembly works for meeting in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Japanese.

Sembly supports 30+ new beta languages in addition to English – 40+ languages in total! You can conduct your meeting in any of these languages or switch back and forth between English and any other supported language during the same meeting.

The 30+ BETA languages are as follows: Ukrainian, Polish, Indonesian, Catalan, Turkish, Swedish, Malay, Norwegian, Finnish, Vietnamese, Thai, Slovak, Greek, Czech, Croatian, Tagalog, Danish, Korean, Romanian, Russian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Galician, Bosnian, Macedonian, Hungarian, Tamil, Hindi, Afrikaans, Cantonese, Urdu, Persian, Hebrew and Arabic.

The following currencies are supported in addition to the US dollar:

GBP – British Pound Sterling, INR – Indian Rupee, CAD – Canadian Dollar,
AUD – Australian Dollar, EUR – Euro, DR – Dominican Peso,
PHP – Philippine Peso, COP – Colombian Peso, BRL – Brazilian Real,
MXN – Mexican Peso, SGD – Singapore Dollar, ZAR – South African Rand,
AED – United Arab Emirates Dirham, CHF – Swiss Franc, PKR – Pakistani Rupee,
ARS – Argentine Peso, TRY – Turkish Lira, SEK – Swedish Krona,
CLP – Chilean Peso, MYR – Malaysian Ringgit, NZD – New Zealand Dollar,
NOK – Norwegian Krone, ILS – Israeli Shekel, SAR – Saudi Riyal.

Sembly works with Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams with no downloads or installs.

Easily upload audio or video for pre-recorded meetings.

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