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Sembly Professional:
Extract key meeting takeaways with the power of AI

Record, transcribe, and get AI-generated meeting minutes and summaries with Sembly Professional. Works with Zoom, gMeet, Teams and Webex.


How intelligent is Sembly Professional?

Sembly attends

Joins and records your meeting

Invite Sembly with email, meeting link or sync your calendar. Easy setup, no downloads needed. You can easily upload a pre-recorded audio file in the Sembly app.

Sembly understands

Transcribes the meeting, highlights key items

Sembly creates reach meeting notes by extracting discussed actions, issues, risks and requirements.

Sembly analyzes

Generates GlanceView™ meeting summaries

AI-generated quick overview of the meeting with discussed topics and their key details.

Sembly learns

Understands your commands and vocabulary

Sembly recognizes you, reacts on your voice commands and learns your vocabulary.

Invite Sembly to your next meeting

Unleash the power of AI

Transform your business meetings into actionable insights

Forget about…

…too many meetings

Delegate meeting attendance to your Sembly AI assistant instead of missing a meeting when you are double-booked.

…missed opportunities and insights

With Sembly Professional, our machine learning algorithms generate insights like sentiment and follow-up actions that save you time. Sembly allows easy searching and recalling of important points across all your calls with one quick command.

…manual meeting minutes

Sembly automatically extracts discussed topics, detects actions, requirements, issues, risks, events and creates Meeting Minutes that can be shared with your team and clients.

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SOC 2 Certification

Sembly is officially SOC II compliant as of August 11, 2022

You and Sembly make a great team!

Try Sembly Professional on your next call and you’ll never go back to agentless meetings again

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