Freelancers win more business with Sembly AI

Freelancers win more business with Sembly AI

With Sembly AI, you can hire an assistant for less than the cost of your daily coffee. Sembly records your video calls, takes amazing meeting notes, and tracks tasks so you can focus on what matters most: forging a deeper relationship with your clients.

Sembly speaks your language and integrates with your tools

Your Client Service Teammate​

Whether it’s a Zoom call, a Google Meet, or a Microsoft Teams meeting, Sembly supports them all. Experience the freedom to collaborate across any meeting platform with ease and get your meeting notes in any language!

Keep your freelance project notes and call transcriptions organized. Sembly creating a centralized hub for all your client interactions. Focus entirely on your customers during a call, your meetings backed by AI.

Sembly’s intuitive search functionality lets you revisit any requirement or decision from past meetings, providing clarity and enabling you to address customer needs effectively.

Timely and High-Quality Follow-Ups​

Share meeting insights in a professional way. Sembly provides you with the tools to send meeting recordings, transcriptions, summaries, or key highlights to your customers, enhancing communication and transparency.

Delight your clients with professional follow-ups that are not just prompt but also exemplify top-tier quality. Semblian AI meeting chatbot helps in this process to guarantee your clients receive highlights based on your conversation.

Revolutionize your freelance workflow with the ability to record calls in both audio and video. Capture the essence of every conversation, from the client’s voice nuances to vital non-verbal cues.

Enhance the Quality of Your Customer Conversations​

Provide your clients with a personalized experience through Guest Access or exported notes. Help them to recall and validate crucial details easily. Your clients can review or offer feedback, fostering a collaborative and transparent communication environment.

Track your to-do and important decisions made during your customer conversations. Sembly ensures that you never miss a beat, helping you deliver on promises and maintain a reputation.

Connect Sembly into your workflow by integrating it with your preferred freelancer tools like Notion, Trello, Zapier, and almost any others.

Enterprise-grade security

Through rigorous security audits, secure data storage, employee audits, and compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements, we can ensure the security, stability, and reliability of our platform.

Compliance & privacy

Sembly was created with a strong focus on privacy and security that scales to any size organization. Sembly is GDPR compliant and SOC 2 Type II certified. Sembly is officially SOC 2 compliant as of August 11, 2022.

I love how easy it is to use. You just add it to your meetings, and it does the rest of the work. Takes notes, adds action items, and so much more! It is very easy to use, and I highly recommend using it for your meetings.
Chris Ake

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