Outsourcers win more contracts with Sembly

Outsourcers win more contracts with Sembly

Boost your client engagement, project delivery, and recruiting with Sembly. Ideal for Outsourcing Providers and Agencies dedicated to achieving success.

Sembly speaks your languages and integrates with your tools

Win more deals with Sembly​

Sync your sales and tech teams with Sembly. Don’t let your CRM lag behind your customer conversations. Sembly automatically populates your tools with the most relevant information from every call.

Deliver faster and better estimates and proposals that wow your customers without wasting time on unnecessary meetings. Sembly allows the technical teams to ask questions from the meeting you already had and easily share the previous meeting outcomes with other teams.

Hire and retain the best talent
more effectively with Sembly

Use Sembly to interview candidates and effectively share the interview across your recruiting team. Sembly allows you to record and transcribe your interviews with candidates and automatically extracts the key skills and qualifications.

You can ask Sembly to generate feedback for each candidate based on their performance in the recorded meeting. This way, you can easily compare and select the best candidates for your projects and share your decisions with your recruiting team.

Sembly helps you to stay focused on customer needs

Use Sembly and learn from your strengths and weaknesses. Continuously improve your sales performance and deliver exceptional customer service.

No more scattered notes and fragmented information. Sembly compiles all your cross-platform conversations with your clients, making it easy to access deal specifics or address disputes with a simple search.

Enterprise-grade security

Through rigorous security audits, secure data storage, employee audits, and compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements, we can ensure the security, stability, and reliability of our platform.

Compliance & privacy

Sembly was created with a strong focus on privacy and security that scales to any size organization. Sembly is GDPR compliant and SOC 2 Type II certified. Sembly is officially SOC 2 compliant as of August 11, 2022.

"With Sembly, calls are recorded, and you can send a prompt to the AI system based on call details. You can ask for a summary, follow-up, or project specifications discussed with a client.

And if these options are not enough, Sembly introduces AI participants to your meetings to take notes, create post-meeting content, and update workflow apps. Here’s how I reduce manual work and focus on strategic and planning activities."
Iryna Korobka
Sloboda Studio, VP of Business Development

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