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The smartest AI meeting assistant

Sembly records, transcribes and generates smart meeting summaries with meeting minutes.

Works with Zoom, gMeet, MS Teams and Webex.

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Unlimited recordings & transcription. English only.

How intelligent is Sembly?

Sembly attends

Joins and records your meeting

Invite Sembly with email, meeting link or sync your calendar. Easy setup, no downloads needed.

Sembly understands

Transcribes the meeting, highlights key items

Sembly creates rich meeting notes by extracting discussed actions, issues, risks and requirements.

Sembly analyzes

Generates GlanceView™ meeting summaries

AI-generated quick overview of the meeting with discussed topics and their key details.

Sembly learns

Understands your commands and vocabulary

Sembly recognizes you, reacts on your voice commands and learns your vocabulary.

The Future Of AI-Driven Meeting Technology

The Sembly AI team came together to create proprietary algorithms that transcribe and analyze operational meetings, using that data to deliver actionable insights.

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AI that saves you tons of time

Turns your meetings into searchable text.
Highlights key discussion moments.
Creates notes and summaries.

Free plan includes unlimited recordings & transcription

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How useful is Sembly?

Don’t worry about note-taking

Focus on the discussion, Sembly will take notes for you. You’ll never miss a thing: action items, issues, risks, requirements and who-said-what.

Store all your meetings for a quick recall

Turn your meetings into searchable records that live in one place. Find a specific part by keyword, key item or attendee. No more re-listening and guessing.

Turn discussions into readable text

Feel the magic of a high-accuracy transcription, speaker identification and clearing filler words.

Automatic meeting summaries

Sembly generates smart GlanceView™ meeting summaries with discussed topics and their details.

Stay informed without attending

Can’t attend a meeting or double-booked? Send your assistant instead and review an hour long call in 5 minutes.

Share just relevant moments

Mark key discussion moments with time-stamped notes and bookmarks. Easy share with relevant parties.

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People are talking

Sembly can be that small yet impactful solution that delivers value at a large scale.

Sembly has allowed organizations to cut back the number of meeting participants by 25%. Another huge benefit is that Sembly has allowed some organizations to shorten the meeting time by 10-15 minutes. Meeting summaries and minutes auto-generated by Sembly have allowed others who did not attend the meeting to quickly comprehend what was discussed and take action.

Scott Brown
Business Development Director at Project Made Easy

Sembly is not like a true software application that I’ve used in the past. It’s more like a team member.

My focus at MI-GSO | PCUBED is to drive the use of technology to improve our processes as well as our decision making. We have proven that Sembly can help us with both!

Richard Weller
Development & Innovation Lead at Mi-GSO | PCUBED

The solution is perfect for our team meetings.

We no longer need someone to take notes. Every action point is recorded and easy to find!

Wilfried Schaffner
Chief Technical Officer Philips Speech
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