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Attend less, Produce more

Sembly Enterprise is a SaaS platform that unleashes the power of AI in business meetings by transforming them into actionable insights for organization leaders, managers, and teams

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Meeting technology for the modern enterprise

Searchable Meeting Cloud

Aggregate discussions across all major conference platform in one searchable, shareable, and secure data store. Visualize your meeting repository with our intuitive Meeting Flows interface.

Post-Meeting Inclusion and Collaboration

Conveniently share entire discussions or individual meeting moments with your team. Quickly get up-to-speed and collaborate on meetings you or your team members could not attend.

Business Intelligence Insights

Seamlessly connect your organisation’s Meeting Cloud to BI platforms to gain strategic insights from team discussions.

Summaries, Key Items, and Meeting Minutes

Focus on the discussion, we’ll track all the details. Summaries, automatic follow-on actions, issues, requirements, risks, events and more. Quickly share beautiful minutes using our Minutes Composer.

Forget about…

Never-ending meetings

Meetings can run too long for many reasons, Sembly helps reduce meeting time by reducing the number of in-meeting participants, allowing for key meeting moments to be reviewed post-meeting.

Meetings overload

Send your Sembly Agent to the meeting in your stead when you’re double-booked! Review the meeting in minutes to the hour. Sembly supports continuous flow of information with in-meeting and post-meeting dialogue around clearly identified key meeting points like follow-on actions and issues, enabling increased productivity.

Too many in-meeting participants

Sembly allows two types of meeting invitations: in-meeting and post-meeting. No one misses out on information or meeting content. Post meeting dialogue allows all to participate in the dialogue. As a result meeting leaders can invite fewer in-meeting participants.

Slow information flow

With Sembly post-meeting and in-meeting attendees continue the dialogue well after the meeting ends. Information flow increases with continuous communication between team members that reduces the need to wait for the next meeting to resolve an issue.

Transcripts, Analytics, and Reporting

Proprietary AI algorithms transcribe and analyze meetings, transforming them into actionable insights

Automatic Transcription

Automatically convert your audio conversation to text and partitioned by speakers.

Voice ID

Sembly recognizes speakers by using proprietary audio pattern recognition technology.

Important Phrases Capture

Sembly uses advanced AI technology to automatically capture important phrases including follow-on actions, issues, and decisions.

Enterprise BI

Seamlessly connect the meeting cloud to BI platforms and gain strategic insights from collective knowledge.

Privacy & Access Management

Workgroups, access groups, secure links and many more features help assure information is routed with privacy and security considerations.

Voice Commands

Use commands to make note if important moments and items in your meeting. “Sembly add action item register today!”

Commitment to security and trust

We take security and trust question very seriously. Through rigorous security audits, secure data storage, employee audits and compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements, we can ensure the security, stability and reliability of our platform.

SOC 2 Certification

Sembly is officially SOC II compliant as of August 11, 2022

Your organization and Sembly make a great team!

Always stay focused and get more out of your meetings with Sembly

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