Philips SmartMeeting

Philips SmartMeeting powered by
Sembly AI

Philips SmartMeeting powered by Sembly AI

Philips Speech Processing Solutions & Sembly AI unite to provide high-quality SmartMeeting microphones and smart meeting technology for online, offline and hybrid meetings.

Make all your meetings productive
Don’t worry about note-taking

Focus on the discussion, Sembly will take notes for you. You’ll never miss a thing: action items, issues, risks, events, requirements and who-said-what.

Access all your past meetings

Turn your meetings into searchable records that live in one place. Find a specific part by keyword, key item or attendee. No more re-listening and guessing.

Turn discussions into text

Feel the magic of a high-accuracy transcription, speaker identification and clearing filler words. Use time-stamped notes and bookmarks.

Get AI meeting summaries

Sembly generates smart GlanceView™ meeting summaries with discussed topics and their details.

Stay informed without attending

Can’t attend a meeting or double-booked? Send your assistant instead and review an hour long call in 5 minutes.

Automate your follow-ups

Automatically generate, easily edit and share automated meeting minutes with relevant parties.

How it works


Record your meetings with Philips SmartMeeting and Sembly AI.


Sembly AI will automatically generate meeting minutes with AI insights.


Share the automated minutes and insights with team and guests.

Plug and Play connectivity

SmartMeeting wireless conference microphone

360° audio recording

SmartMeeting portable conference microphone

4k camera

SmartMeeting HD audio and video conferencing solution

Automatic meeting notes taking
Instant meeting summary and insights
Automated meeting action points
360° array of six microphones
4k high-definition camera*
Plug and Play connectivity

* Available only for SmartMeeting HD audio and video conferencing solution

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