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Speech-to-Text and Analytics API

Introducing Sembly API for best-in-class professional speech-to-text and conversational analytics.

Use Sembly API to extract summaries and meaning from conversations: automatically detect topics, actions, issues, risks, requirements, and more!


Sembly API Features

Professional Focus

Our AI engine is tailored to understand business conversations specifically, providing best-in-class results for business-related and professional meeting content.

High-Accuracy Transcription

Sembly’s AI-powered speech-to-text engine provides a highly accurate transcription of both native and non-native English speakers, regardless of surrounding noise.
Additionally, Sembly offers speaker diarization (speaker separation) and Voice ID.

Powerful Conversation Intelligence

Automatic extraction of key moments from conversations, such as topics, action items, issues, risks, requirements, events and more!

Enterprise Ready

Strong focus on privacy and security that scales to any size organization.

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Easily integrate Sembly API

Extract key takeaways from your records with the power of AI

Call Tracking, Contact Center, Cloud Phone Solutions

Enables analysis of support conversations

Remote Collaboration & Meeting Platforms

Optimize meeting productivity with AI summaries, topics, and key items identification

Podcast software

Automated and indexed transcripts for any podcast

Recruiting and HR

Analyze conversation sentiment, performance on empathy, behavior, and competencies during interviews

Conversation intelligence software

Integrate and deploy conversation intelligence solutions for your business

Audio platforms

Simplified captioning and transcription for audios

SOC 2 Certification

Sembly is officially SOC II compliant as of August 11, 2022

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