Sembly Update: Sembly ToDo’s and Sembly Tasks

We’re excited to introduce the latest Sembly updates! 

Sembly ToDo’s – available on the Professional plan

We are making a major upgrade to “My Commitments” and renaming this part of our product to “Sembly ToDo’s”.

ToDo’s are now available in one new and intuitive interface:


  • My ToDo’s: All your personal tasks in one place. The to-do items are more accurate, contain additional context details, and are easier to navigate.
  • Your ToDo’s Your Way: Connect your favorite to-do list app (like Microsoft Todo) to Sembly to have your to-do’s recorded for you automatically. Manually entering your own to-do’s is so 2022!
  • ToDo’s in Meeting Details: You will be able to see a ToDo’s tab for each meeting when you click into the Meeting Details view.
  • My Commitments Re-imagined: You will find all previously detected Key Items from a past meeting in a Meeting Notes section of the processed meetings.

Don’t worry – there’s nothing for you “to do” as a result of this change. All your past meetings on Sembly Professional plan are updated for the Sembly ToDo’s experience automatically.

ToDo aggregation from every meeting
Connect your favorite to-do list app

Sembly Tasks – available on Team, Team Plus, and Enterprise plans ✨

We’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to the Sembly Team & Enterprise product lineup – Sembly Tasks. Sembly is all about making your life easier, so buckle up for a truly effortless meeting task management experience.

Meetings are critical, but they’re not always effective. Without effective management, especially in post-meeting activities, meetings can fail to deliver the desired outcomes, leading to wasted time and frustration. Enter: Sembly Tasks!

Our powerful platform focuses on one of the most important aspects of meetings — task tracking — enabling you to turn discussions into concrete actions, seamlessly. See activities, tasks, and project ideas accurately identified for every meeting you attend.

Tasks are now available in one consolidated and intuitive interface:

Sembly Tasks comes with powerful integration options. Easily connect your favorite task management platforms such as Trello, Slack, Microsoft Todo, and more. Task details, performer, and deadline will automatically populate in your connected apps, saving you valuable time and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Boost your team’s productivity, streamline collaboration, and maximize your meeting outcomes with Sembly Task. Try it today and experience the transformative power of task automation like never before.

  • A comprehensive range of task categories to organize your workflow effortlessly. From Activities for quick actions, Tasks for intermediate objectives, to Projects for larger-scale initiatives, Sembly Tasks understands the various types of work items that come up in your meetings.
  • Unmatched Meeting-to-Task Transformation: Say goodbye to manual task creation. Sembly Tasks extracts concrete tasks from your discussions, ready to integrate seamlessly into your preferred task management platform.
  • Seamless Integration with Leading Platforms: Connect effortlessly with popular task management tools. Experience the true synergy between meeting insights and task management systems.

Empower your team to take action with Sembly Tasks – the ultimate solution for turning ideas into achievements.

Organize your team's workflow effortlessly
Integrations with a task management tools

Thank you for being a part of the Sembly user community!

We are looking forward to you trying these new additions and letting us know what you think!

Thank you for being a part of the Sembly user community — you and Sembly make a great team!

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