The Power and Benefits of Generative AI with Artem Koren

The Power and Benefits of Generative AI with Artem Koren of

Join the Priv8 Podcast, hosted by Derek E. Silva featuring Sembly AI’s co-founder and CPO, Artem Koren to gain insights on the new theory of everything, the role of generative AI, and ChatGPT’s impact on society. 

During the podcast, Artem explained that Sembly AI uses a mix of different machine learning technologies, including Generative AI, to transcribe and analyze meeting content. He also discussed the challenges of processing spoken language and identifying useful actions in meetings.

One of the key challenges in meeting transcription is identifying high-value areas in meetings. To address this challenge, Sembly AI uses a mix of technologies and proprietary tech, such as Kodama, to identify high-value areas in meetings. They also carefully manage costs and explore new technologies, such as OpenAI’s Whisper API.

In addition to discussing the challenges of meeting transcription, the conversation also turned to the benefits of remote work. Artem explained the benefits of a remote workforce, including access to global talent and cost differentials. They mentioned an optimal mix of remote and in-person work.

Looking to the future, Sembly AI is working on a number of new features, including Ask Your Semblian, which is chat GPT for meetings, and using GPT language models to generate sharper insights. Sembly AI also plan to add more languages and integrate with other applications.

Overall, the conversation between Artem Koren and Derek Silva was informative and enlightening. It highlighted the challenges of meeting transcription and analysis, as well as the benefits of remote work. It also provided insight into the future of Sembly AI and the exciting new features we are working on.

The Power and Benefits of Generative AI with Artem Koren

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