How AI is Helping Agile Teams Work Better Together

How AI is Helping Agile Teams Work Better Together

Recently updated on February 20th, 2024

The integration of Artificial Intelligence into the modern workplace is revolutionizing the way businesses operate.

Agile teams are no exception, as the use of AI assistants can greatly improve communication, organization, collaboration and efficiency in the workplace. As AI continues to gain traction across various industries, it can benefit your agile team in several ways.

In this blog post, we discuss how AI can help your team work together more seamlessly and achieve its objectives.

AI-Assisted Task Management

In agile teams, the collaboration of product owners, scrum masters, developers, testers, and stakeholders is critical to the success of a project. However, if one person is meeting their responsibilities, it can help the entire team’s progress.

AI assistants can help keep everyone accountable by providing real-time updates on progress, identifying areas where additional support is needed, and ensuring that everyone is on track to meet their goals.

Additionally, AI can assist with task management by automatically assigning tasks based on team members’ skills and availability, ultimately boosting productivity. If conflicts are within the team, AI can also help mediate and resolve them quickly, so the project can continue progressing.

Agile teams are complex and dynamic, with multiple players working together to achieve a common goal. With so many moving parts, having tools and systems is essential to ensure everyone is aligned and working effectively. This is where AI comes in.

A survey of 3,220 software development professionals in the 2022 State of Agile Report, found that 2 out of 3 respondents use Atlassian Jira to manage Agile projects.

That number dropped from 72% in year 15 but Jira Align usage grew, so Atlassian is holding fairly constant. Microsoft Excel dropped from 45% in year 15 to 34% this year, and the combined Microsoft TFS/Azure DevOps/Visual Studio combo dropped from 42% in year 15 to 23% in 2022.

Two-thirds of respondents use Atlassian Jira to manage Agile projects

AI-tools features like Sembly AI can help teams stay on top of their commitments by automating the process of their extraction from meetings. In addition to helping with task management and conflict resolution, AI can help teams stay organized and on track by providing a centralized repository for all project information. As projects progress, an overwhelming amount of information often needs to be tracked and monitored.

"Agile is a people-first approach to work, where teams are empowered to make decisions and continuously improve their processes to deliver value to customers."
Dave Thomas
Dave Thomas
Co-author of The Agile Manifesto

This way, everyone on the team can access the same data and easily find what they need when needed. And if anything changes, everyone will be instantly notified so that they can take action accordingly.

AI can be a powerful tool for agile teams looking to stay organized, on track, and focused on achieving their goals.

Sembly AI can help agile teams stay on top of their commitments by extracting valuable insights from team meetings

One of the biggest benefits of an AI assistant is that it can help to keep everyone on the team accountable by providing real-time updates on progress. By tracking individual contributions and progress, AI can help to identify areas where help is needed, and make sure everyone is pulling their weight. This can help to improve overall team performance and drive projects forward more efficiently.

Task management is another key area where AI can make a big difference. By automatically assigning tasks to team members based on their skills and availability, AI can help to optimize workloads and prevent the overloading of certain individuals. And if there are any conflicts within the team, an AI assistant can help mediate and resolve them quickly so that work can continue without disruptions.

"Agile is a mindset, a philosophy, and a way of working that values individuals and interactions, customer collaboration, and working software over processes and tools."
Agile Alliance
Agile Alliance

Access to a centralized repository for all project information is essential for agile teams to work effectively. AI can help by providing a single source of truth for all project data and keeping everyone up-to-date with real-time notifications of changes. This can help ensure that everyone is on the same page and make it easier to find important information when needed.

Advanced search

Aggregate discussions across all major conference platforms in one searchable, shareable, and secure meeting library.

Proxy attendance

Skip the meeting, let Sembly attend for you and send a message to the rest of the attendees.

Using AI, agile teams can benefit from improved productivity as tasks are automatically assigned, and progress is tracked in real-time. This increased transparency helps team members stay accountable and on track, reducing the risk of delays or miscommunication. 

Additionally, AI can automate administrative tasks, freeing up time for team members to focus on more important and creative work. This leads to higher efficiency, improved collaboration, and better results.

MI-GSO | PCUBED & Sembly AI Case Study 

One example of an AI tool that can help with these tasks is Sembly AI. According to a recent MI-GSO article, one organization significantly improved its meeting efficiency by implementing Sembly AI’s software, a technical solution that records, transcribes, and generates smart meeting summaries across platforms.

The organization had been spending a considerable amount of time capturing notes, issues, actions, and decisions during meetings, as well as summarizing and distributing the information to stakeholders.

By using Sembly AI, the organization reduced the amount of time spent on minute-taking and detail-capturing by employees, resulting in a 17% increase in meeting efficiency.

The software also led to a 50% drop in meeting attendees without a loss of knowledge-sharing or efficiency, as accurate transcripts and summaries were produced through automation. In addition, the transcripts were found to be 98% accurate and reduced the time needed for editing and reviewing meeting minutes.

This example illustrates how project management solutions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of clients, and how the field is continuing to innovate and advance.
“This not only shows how M|P is able to cater solutions to specific client needs, but also how much the Project Management field is innovating and advancing right now.”
Olivia Laureau Cherif, Business Unit Manager MI-GSO | PCUBED
Olivia Laureau Cherif
Business Unit Manager MI-GSO | PCUBED

If you’re ready to bring AI to your agile team, the first step is identifying which areas would benefit the most from automation. This could be task management, data centralization, or conflict resolution. There are many benefits that an AI assistant can bring to your agile team, including helping with task management, possible conflict resolution, and data centralization.

Automating administrative tasks is one of the many ways AI can help agile teams work better together. By eliminating the need for manual data entry, document handling, and other time-consuming tasks, team members can devote more energy to more valuable tasks, like collaborating with their team members, brainstorming ideas, and improving their product. This not only increases productivity but also makes work more engaging and rewarding for team members.

With benefits such as improved accountability, task management, conflict resolution, and data centralization, AI can help teams to optimize their workflow and drive projects forward more efficiently.

Once you clearly understand what you want to achieve, you can choose an AI assistant that fits your needs and integrate it into your processes. It’s essential to involve your team in this process to ensure everyone is on board and understands how to use the AI assistant effectively. Regularly review and adjust your processes to ensure that you’re getting the best results from your AI assistant. 

If you’re looking for a way to take your agile team to the next level, consider adding a Sembly AI assistant to your toolkit.

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