Move Employees from “Surviving to Thriving” & Teams from “Storming to Performing”

  • Deeper Collaboration – from “surviving to thriving”
  • Greater Teamwork – from “storming to performing”
  • Zoom Gloom to Zoom Boom!

Employee Exhaustion — a global and cross meeting platform issue

COVID brought about changes across the globe in most walks of life. Among enterprise collaboration scenarios, the rise in online meetings heralded by Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet was one. While there were major benefits from these systems, there were also unforeseen repercussions.

Stanford University Professor Bailenson has written (Stanford News, Feb 2021) about solutions to Zoom Gloom though he admits that these issues are across all the major online meeting platforms including Microsoft’s Teams.

Microsoft’s own work trends index research (Microsoft, March 2021) based on over 31k global interviews and analysis of trillions of meetings/chats is showing that 54% of the employees are overworked and 39% are downright exhausted.

We, at Sembly AI, believe that a combination of organization culture and Technological changes are needed to ameliorate this situation and move employees from surviving to thriving. Sembly (former Powow AI) offers capabilities around collaboration and engagement analytics across all the major meeting platforms to help enterprises. These capabilities can reinvigorate enterprise teams and move them from “forming” to “performing”.

Deeper Collaboration, Sentiment, and Engagement Analytics

Sembly offers rich ways to collaborate around a single meeting or a meeting series artifact. This could be a meeting across Zoom, Teams or Google Meet. With Sembly, an overworked working spouse could send Sembly agent to the meeting that they cannot attend and breeze through the meeting at their own time and pace. A review can be done in a few minutes for an hour meeting as Sembly can offer an AI generated summary of the meeting along with a listing of the key items, activities, and decisions from the meeting.

The ease of post meeting dialogue can help the spouse to inquire, raise questions and communicate with other team members around the meeting post completion. This typically results in increased collaboration around a meeting. The below graphs from sample data showcase both optimized meeting attendance which reduces Zoom Gloom and increased collaboration over time as enterprises adopt Sembly.

Powow AI (now Sembly AI) collaboration trends
Check Sembly Professional for an updated look-and-feel!

Powow also offers deep capabilities around employee (and even vendor) engagement and sentiment. While Sembly uses proprietary ML models to generate these analytics, employers can study trends and benchmark over time, departments, projects, and programs to see long running directionality and identify problem areas and burn out before it happens.

Below is an illustration of these kinds of analytics that are derived from Sembly (former Powow AI) sample data:

Powow AI (now Sembly AI) meeting sentiment engagement
Check Sembly Professional for an updated look-and-feel!

A “Sembly Moment”

Built from the ground up for Team member collaboration in enterprises, Sembly’s moments feature offers deep linking into meetings – thus enabling a quick review and focused collaboration while skipping the need for a full rerun of the meeting.

Why spend a full hour to rehash a meeting when you could do it rapidly using Moments and other rapid access features like Highlights and Lowlights. Send a moment to a colleague to discuss an important meeting takeaway without referencing the entire meeting.

Use Moments across all meeting platforms that your enterprise deploys including: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google meet or others.

Try it Now

Sembly Professional currently has a free trial that is currently open. No downloads are needed and you can try it for your next online meeting! Why wait – Take Sembly AI for a spin – sign up here now!

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