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Sembly Professional press release on Bloomberg

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We are very happy and proud to share the Sembly Professional press release on Bloomberg News.

Re-imagining the process: AI and Human Collaboration in Operations and Technology Meetings

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An emerging area of interest in enterprise adoption of AI is human and AI collaboration. We are living in a time of rapid advancements...

Growing Enterprise Usage of Voice AI

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As a partner of Microsoft’s, we at Semby AI (former Powow AI) were excited to see the ~$16B acquisition of Nuance.

Move Employees from “Surviving to Thriving” & Teams from “Storming to Performing”

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Deeper Collaboration – from “surviving to thriving” Greater Teamwork – from “storming to performing”...

A Meeting Cloud for Competitive Advantage

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How can a meeting augmentation solution provide teams huge benefits while creating a sustainable competitive advantage for your...

Creating Post-Meeting Dialogue

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Introduction of new feature which enables unparalleled collaboration

Post-Meeting Dialogue Spurs Better and Quicker Decisions

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With new ability to trace decisions from discussions leaders can greatly enhance their decision making process

Digital Transformation Isn’t Complete without Meeting Transformation

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Digital Transformation (DT) is more than cloud computing, more than moving everything to edge devices with Internet of Things (IoT)...