Sembly Update: Enhanced Task Management, Extended Upload Limits, Custom Vocabulary, and Post-Meeting Emails

We’re thrilled to announce another update packed with exciting features designed to enhance your experience with Sembly. Here’s what’s new in our latest release:

Extended Upload Limits 🎁

We’ve increased the audio and video upload limit on the Professional plan to 15 hours per month. These enhancements also extend to our Team and Enterprise plans!

Custom Vocabulary ✨

Enhance the accuracy of your AI insights by adding up to 1000 company-specific terms and proper nouns to the custom vocabulary.

This feature ensures that your transcriptions, meeting notes, and tasks reflect the precise language used within your company, making every piece of content sharper and more tailored.

Professional Plan Update: Tasks ✅

We’ve also replaced the ToDos feature with robust Tasks, where you can manage task names, descriptions, due dates, and assignments.

Watch a video guide on how to review and manage tasks.

Review and manage Tasks

Post-Meeting Emails ✉️

All attendees can be kept informed! After each meeting, every invitee can receive an email with a link Sembly’s meeting notes.

You can customize who receives these emails: all invitees, only those within your workspace, or only those outside your workspace. By default, this feature is set to notify only workspace members. Go inside Settings -> Workspace -> Details -> Email Notifications to configure this feature in a way you want.

Workspace-wide video disable 📹

Video capture can now be disabled for the entire workspace.
Find this option in Settings -> Workspace Details.

Admin update 📝

We shifted the billing period to be monthly on the date of your registration (vs the 1st date of every month). This means that your next invoice may come in earlier or later than it did in the later billing period.

We hope these new features make your Sembly experience even more productive and enjoyable. Thank you for being a part of our growing community!

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