4 Mind-blowing Video Conferencing Stats

We’ve got 4 Mind-blowing Video Conferencing Stats for you:

  • Video meetings improve productivity by 50%
  • 90% of people find it easier to get their point across on video
  • Video conferencing improves communication for 99% of people
  • Up to 9 in 10 people say video conferencing results in savings, as projects are finished faster

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Sembly’s high-quality meeting Transcription gives you the confidence because you can:

  • ✅ Always refer back to what was said in the meeting, leaving note-taking behind and focusing on the in-meeting discussion.
  • ✅ Bookmark important points for future reference as reminders or share key meeting points with a colleague.
  • ✅ Write reminder notes and edit non-English words as needed.

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