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Sembly AI continues to consolidate its position as provider of best-in-class conversation analytics for enterprise operations and technology teams through a new strategic partnership with MI-GSO | PCUBED, a world-class Project Management and PMO consultancy.

The innovative partnership includes an investment in Sembly AI as well as a synergistic collaboration combining MI-GSO | PCUBED’s expertise in Project Controls, with the voice and conversation analytics technology of Sembly AI.

When Artem Koren and I founded Sembly AI in 2019, with 30 years of combined experience in leading enterprise transformation engagements, we envisioned that machine learning and voice analytics technology would become a standard component of the work environment for increasingly distributed teams. This vision is reflected in the fundamental design principles of the Sembly platform. We are excited to partner with MI-GSO | PCUBED to bring our products to enterprise customers around the globe. With this announcement, we are well-positioned to become the premier, trusted partner for conversation analytics.

Gil Makleff

Sembly AI Co-founder and CEO

Sembly AI’s flagship product Sembly captures online and mixed-presence meetings across all major conferencing platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet, and aggregates them in a Meeting Cloud. The conversations are transcribed, making them searchable and shareable – enabling teams to attend less while getting more done.

Team discussions in the Meeting Cloud are analyzed by proprietary Machine Learning models to generate summaries, meeting minutes, sentiment, and automatically identify key items such as actions, issues, risks, and requirements – offering project teams the ability to focus on the work to be done rather than compiling notes.

We carefully selected Sembly AI as the lead player in this space to invest in. This partnership contributes to our vision: to innovate and transform the digital PMO, leveraging the latest data technologies to augment PMO performance and to develop predictive capabilities.

Jean-Luc Soula


MI-GSO | PCUBED works with organizations around the globe and across all sectors to help them improve the performance of their projects and PMO operations. Digitizing and automating performance management dashboards has provided significant gains for organizations looking to translate their data into decisions.

Now, the ability to capture voice, transcribe meeting minutes, extract actions, and inject them into project workflows, through Sembly will be a massive benefit to project teams who previously did all this work manually and individually.

The amount of time that teams spend today preparing for, sitting in, and following up after project meetings is likely more than 50% of an organization’s time with remote and hybrid working. Sembly AI will allow you to take the rather unstructured format of a meeting, voice and chat, and structure all that data into a format that can be leveraged by project teams. We see this as a true differentiator for the Digital PMO

Dermot Brannock

MI-GSO | PCUBED USA General Manager

About Sembly AI

Sembly AI is a voice and conversation analytics technology company, focused on bringing the power of natural language processing to professional meeting environments. Sembly’s products can simplify the work life of distributed teams while providing powerful analytics to help teams attend less while getting more done.

Sembly AI was founded by CEO Gil Makleff and CPO Artem Koren in 2019. Gil Makleff was CEO of UMT Consulting Group which was acquired by Ernst & Young. Artem Koren was a Senior Manager at Ernst & Young and CTO at Visual Trading Systems.


MI-GSO | PCUBED is a worldwide consulting firm dedicated to project management and PMO in Aeronautics, Defense, Automotive, Rail, Financial Services, Energy, and Government.

With over 2,200 employees, MI-GSO | PCUBED is part of the ALTEN Group – a 42,000-people strong publicly listed leader in Engineering and IT Services.

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