Digital Transformation Isn’t Complete without Meeting Transformation

Digital Transformation (DT) is more than cloud computing, more than moving everything to edge devices with Internet of Things (IoT) protocols, and more than infusing your apps with machine learning. Digital transformation is about challenging the way we think about business. For a real transformation, we have to examine our core business processes and take a realistic look at the way we actually do business, not just what appears on org charts and process diagrams.

We spend so much time in various types of meetings: in person, over the phone, online, formal and informal. Yet, meeting utilization is often ignored by authors and consultants focused on DT. What do we accomplish in meetings and what more could we accomplish if we rethink business meetings altogether?

First, we must ask: Why do we have meetings anyway? Some common objectives for meetings are to:

  • identify problems and ideate on solutions
  • determine and plan for requirements
  • make and evaluate decisions
  • share siloed content
Meetings – Where Data is Not Captured Consistently

These are all good reasons to communicate synchronously with our colleagues, in person or online, but why are meetings still so expensive and wasteful? Quite simply, we often produce content and then let it slip away. Your notes are not the same as my notes, one of us dozed off, one of the team members couldn’t make it, and one resigned after the meeting. Where’s the content now?

That’s the problem, and it’s an opportunity for machine learning to help us transform meetings into data structuring – and analyzing – events. Machine learning can augment transcription technologies to identify who said what, how it was said (capturing emotional cues in language), what was decided, what tasks were assigned to whom, etc.

It’s clear that meeting transformation is needed. Accelerate your transformation with Sembly.

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