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Trends that will define the 2022 year ahead

Trends and predictions can provide ideas for creating competitive advantage for the digital journey that lays ahead.


Sembly Personal is Featured on Product Hunt — #2 Product of the Day

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Come check and vote for us and leave the feedback! Are you ready to take your meeting game to the next level?

5 Remarkable Project Managers statistics

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57% of project managers reported that they’ve begun to feel the symptoms of burnout

4 Mind-blowing Video Conferencing Stats

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We’ve got 4 Mind-blowing Video Conferencing Stats for you: Video meetings improve productivity by 50% 90% of people find it easier to…

Re-imagining the process: AI and Human Collaboration in Operations and Technology Meetings

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An emerging area of interest in enterprise adoption of AI is human and AI collaboration. We are living in a time of rapid advancements…

Growing Enterprise Usage of Voice AI

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As a partner of Microsoft’s, we at Semby AI (former Powow AI) were excited to see the ~$16B acquisition of Nuance.

Sembly AI Featured on Forbes

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Forbes recently published this article ‘The Future of AI-Driven Meeting Technology’ featuring Sembly AI.

Move Employees from “Surviving to Thriving” & Teams from “Storming to Performing”

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Deeper Collaboration – from “surviving to thriving” Greater Teamwork – from “storming to performing”…

A Meeting Cloud for Competitive Advantage

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How can a meeting augmentation solution provide teams huge benefits while creating a sustainable competitive advantage for your…

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