Sembly Update: Extended Audio Limits, Enhanced Key Items, and Intelligent Attendance

We’re excited to unveil our latest features, designed to make your meetings more efficient and integrated with your workflow. Here’s what’s new:

Extended Audio Limits ✅

We are committed to providing a better working environment for working teams by enabling productivity-enhancing features.

We understand the demands of your professional environment, and we’re dedicated to enhancing your superpowers! 🚀

We have increased the maximum audio duration of your meetings on Sembly. Now, online meetings, audio/video uploads, and microphone recordings can be up to 5 hours in duration with a maximum file size of 500MB. This update ensures that even your longest meetings are fully captured without missing a beat.

✨ What Does This Mean for Your Workspace? 💼

✅ When your meeting extends to several hours to solve a crucial challenge, Sembly is there to support you.

✅ Stay focused on your conversation, and let us take care of the transcription and note-taking.

✅ You can also upload audio files up to 5 hours long; Sembly captures and documents every crucial meeting detail.

Enhanced Key Items 📝

Our Key Items just got a significant upgrade, making them sharper and more focused.

You will notice enhanced detection of RisksIssuesEventsDecisions, and Notable points, capturing the essence of your meetings with improved precision.

Please note that we have removed Requirements to better align with the core elements that impact your meeting outcomes.

Updated Action Items are available on the Team plan and above.

Intelligent Attendance ✨

We have introduced a feature to more intelligently attend meetings with recurring invites.

For example, if Sembly was not permitted to join a meeting from the lobby three times in the same recurring meeting series, it will automatically disable auto-attendance for that series of meetings to reduce future disruptions.

Sembly Intelligent Attendance

We are excited for you to experience these updates as we continue to support your post-meeting productivity.

Thank you for choosing Sembly!

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