15 Best Sales Enablement Tools for Sales Teams in 2024

15 Best Sales Enablement Tools for Sales Teams in 2024 | Sembly AI

Recently updated on July 1st, 2024

For so many teams in so many industries, the sales process is and always will be a complex beast.

It’s no surprise, then, that technology plays a huge role in simplifying and optimizing sales practices for most modern teams around the globe. In fact, over 60% of sales teams look to technology above all else to help streamline all aspects of the process.

With that in mind, we decided to take a look at some of the best sales enablement tools available to small businesses today.

Let’s dive in.

What is Sales Enablement?

And what are sales enablement tools? 

Sales enablement is the strategic process of equipping sales teams with the tools, content, and information they need to sell more effectively. 

That said, sales enablement isn’t just about sealing the deal.

Rather, it’s about optimizing every step of the sales process for both your team and your customers in order to:

  • Move the customer through the sales funnel quickly and effectively
  • Increase their chances of conversion — and increase their order value
  • Get them to do repeat business with your company time and time again

With a comprehensive approach to sales enablement in place, your sales team will almost certainly begin closing more deals — and bringing in more and more revenue with every sale they make.

Key Elements of Effective Sales Enablement

Effectively enabling your sales team requires a multifaceted approach that involves the following four core elements.

Knowledge, Information, and Content

In order to effectively sell to someone, your sales team must know everything they possibly can about…

  • Your products, services, and policies
  • Your customers’ current and future needs
  • Your customers’ journey up until this point

(and much, much more.)

And they need this information at their fingertips, essentially at all times. Moreover, they need this information to be presented in various audience-friendly formats to ensure the customer has the info they need to make the right purchasing decision.

As we’ll discuss, this is why CRM, CMS, and internal knowledge base software are crucial to your sales enablement efforts.

Cross-Team Alignment

Again, sales enablement also means ensuring your prospective customers are prepared to make an easy decision once they get to your sales team.

To this end, cross-team alignment — specifically between marketing and sales — is a must.

The key things to focus on here include:

  • Optimizing lead scoring to ensure only top prospects are passed on
  • Delivering relevant and informative content to prospects throughout their journey
  • Streamlining communication and the handoff process to keep prospects on a clear path to conversion

It’s also important to create alignment between your sales team’s efforts and your company’s bottom line. In de-siloing your sales and other teams, you’ll be much better able to keep everyone on the same page — and ultimately working toward a common goal.

Employee and Team Training

Finally, enabling your sales team involves providing ongoing opportunities for them to develop their knowledge and skills over time.

Whether you’re…

  • Implementing new sales processes
  • Introducing new tools and technology
  • Looking to stay ahead of emerging trends in your industry

…Comprehensive sales training is essential.

For our current purposes, this means you’ll need to have a plan for educating your sales team on how to use the tools you introduce — and on how to integrate them into their existing workflows to fully maximize their efforts.

Main Types of Sales Enablement Tools

Sales enablement tools come in various forms that address particular areas of the sales process. 

Here are key sales enablement tools examples worth considering today:

Content Management Systems (CMS)

These tools help sales teams save, organize, and share relevant content effectively. They also help in keeping the right information available to potential customers at appropriate times, thus enhancing engagement and customer experience.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

This software tracks and manages customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. It offers valuable real-time insights into client behavior, showing when sales enablement teams can adjust target segments and improve relationship management.

Sales Analytics and Reporting Tools

These tools analyze trends from sales data, measure performance levels, and anticipate future deals. They also help marketing teams make informed decisions to optimize their strategies.

Sales Coaching and Training Platforms

These sales enablement platforms provide training resources, courses, and coaching sessions aimed at developing the skills and knowledge of a company’s sales reps. Continuous learning keeps sales reps up-to-date with modern methods and techniques, aiding in closing deals and capitalizing on sales opportunities.

Email Tracking and Automation Tools

These tools automate email campaigns, track open and response rates, schedule follow-ups, and more. They also save time and ensure consistent communication with prospects and customers.

Lead Generation and Scoring Tools

These tools identify potential buyers from a broader market and prioritize leads based on their likelihood of converting into actual sales. They also ensure that sales reps focus on the most promising prospects, thus enhancing overall sales effectiveness and operations.

Competitive Intelligence Tools

These tools gather data on competitors’ activities, thereby providing insights into their market positioning and strategies. This data helps salespeople refine their tactics, make data-driven decisions, and perform better than competitors.

Meeting and Call Recording Tools

These tools record every call, session, or meeting, enabling later analysis and review. They also help salespeople understand their requirements, capture important details, and make informed decisions.

Choosing the Right Sales Enablement Tools for Your Team

To be sure, there are a ton of top sales enablement software on the market at the current moment.

And many of them are really, really good.

But none of them are the best solution for every single sales team on the planet.

Here’s a quick guide for finding the one that’s right for you.

Define and Prioritize Business Goals

Start by determining exactly what it is you hope to achieve by introducing new sales enablement software.

Are you looking to enhance sales efficiency? Improve lead conversion rates? Increase average order value and customer lifetime value?

(Or, all of the above?)

Clarifying this from the start will help you home in on what kind of sales enablement tools you’re looking for — and will help you avoid overspending on a solution that’s much too advanced for your current needs.

Identify Best Solution(s) for Your Situation

Once you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for in a sales enablement tool, you then need to get a bit more specific in terms of:

  • Your audience’s expectations
  • Your team’s technical capabilities
  • Your company’s financial situation and future outlook

From there, you can focus on the tools that will aid your sales team in the exact ways they need to fully realize their abilities.

(And, you’ll again avoid investing in tools that look good on paper — but that aren’t necessarily the best fit for your team.)

Create Alignment Within Your Tech Stack

Overlapping a bit with the previous step, you’ll want to confirm that the tool(s) you’re considering will integrate well with your current tech stack.

And, while it’s obviously important that they work together technically, you also need to know that the tool will fit into your operations to create the best outcome possible.


  • What processes and/or tools the tool will improve (or replace through automation)
  • What other tools it will typically work alongside or in conjunction with — and how
  • Whether any changes will be needed to maximize the potential of your new tool

Ideally, your provider’s support staff will be able to help you integrate the new solution into your tech stack and sales processes.

15 Top Sales Enablement Tools for Sales Teams in 2024

Now, let’s take a look at a list of sales enablement tools popular on the market today.

1. Sembly AI

Sembly AI is an AI meeting assistant that empowers sales teams by joining meetings across platforms like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom. It provides tailored meeting notes and automatically identifies crucial elements such as tasks and decisions.

Sembly AI - Sales Enablement Tool
Sembly AI streamlines post-meeting workflows by seamlessly integrating with many CRMs like Hubspot and SalesForce, ensuring all action items and meeting insights are automatically associated with your contacts. Sembly saves time with Semblian, an AI chatbot that assists in creating follow-ups and answering questions about the meeting, supporting over 40 languages to accommodate global teams.This empowers sales teams in a number of ways.For one, Sembly AI ensures no crucial information discussed within sales meetings slips through the cracks or goes forgotten — no matter how deep the conversation goes. Moreover, Sembly AI automatically identifies the most important information discussed, allowing sales teams to focus on these points during follow-up conversations with prospective customers.Sales team members can also use Sembly AI to attend internal meetings on their behalf — and recap the meeting to generate intelligent notes and reports of everything discussed within. This helps maximize the impact of meetings and training sessions aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of sales teams and their members.

2. Hubspot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub is a comprehensive sales enablement tool that integrates seamlessly with the broader HubSpot ecosystem.
Hubspot Sales Hub Sales Enablement Tool | Sembly AI

As a comprehensive solution, Hubspot Sales Hub offers a wide range of features and functions to empower your sales team, such as:

  • Automation of routine tasks, such as lead scoring and appointment management
  • In-depth customer reporting and relationship management
  • Customizable sales playbook templates and optimization

As powerful as Hubspot Sales Hub is, however, it can potentially be too complex of a tool for non-technical teams. Similarly, it may be a bit feature-heavy for smaller sales teams, or those looking for a more focused solution.

3. Customer.io

Customer.io is a versatile customer engagement platform that leverages first-party data to automate personalized messaging across multiple channels.

Customer.io Sales Enablement Tool | Sembly AI

With Customer.io, teams can:

  • Craft tailored messages and engagement journeys for individual customers
  • Develop cohesive omnichannel communication strategies and workflows
  • Use A/B testing to refine their messaging and optimize sales campaigns

Customer.io’s users laud the tool’s flexibility and user-friendliness — even for teams with relatively little technical know-how.

4. Helpjuice

Helpjuice is an advanced knowledge base platform that optimizes knowledge sharing within organizations to enhance both employee and customer support experiences.

Helpjuice Sales Enablement Tool | Sembly AI

Helpjuice empowers sales teams by centralizing organizational knowledge and all other relevant information and making it accessible to both your team and your customers. This allows both parties to stay on the same page at all times throughout the sales process — and ultimately enables your customers to make an informed purchasing decision with ease.

When not being used directly for sales purposes, Helpjuice can supercharge your sales training efforts, as well. In fact, many sales teams have seen a 50% reduction in training sessions simply by adding this powerful self-service option into the mix.

5. Hunter

Hunter is an email outreach platform that helps professionals locate and verify email addresses quickly and efficiently.

Hunter Sales Enablement Tool | Sembly AI


This streamlines your sales team’s cold emailing workflows, all but ensuring you reach the right person within prospective organizations from the very first touchpoint. From there, your team can use Hunter in conjunction with your CRM and related tools to identify the optimal approach to these potential clients.

Many of Hunter’s users praise the tool for its simplicity, effectiveness, and affordability — making it a prime solution for growing teams with limited budgets.

6. Klue

Klue is a competitive intelligence and enablement platform that integrates insights about markets, competitors, and buyers.

Klue Sales Enablement Tool | Sembly AI

By providing real-time competitive data and intelligence, Klue enables sales teams to stay at the forefront of their industry — and to capitalize on the shortcomings of their competition. Klue also makes it easier to look inward to determine what a team is doing right, and where specific improvements can be made.

Klue’s holistic approach to social listening ensures relevant information from key publications, web sites, and other sources paint a complete picture of what’s going on within an industry — and how sales teams can use this information to get a leg up on the competition.

7. SalesHood

SalesHood is a sales enablement platform designed to boost sales productivity and effectiveness via digital sales rooms and training solutions.

SalesHood Sales Enablement Tool | Sembly AI

SalesHood’s AI-powered digital sales rooms provide digital spaces where sales teams can share pitch decks, case studies, and other relevant information with prospective buyers. This not only adds a high level of personalization to the sales process, but also empowers buyers to engage with sales content on their own terms — providing the convenience needed to make an informed purchasing decision at any given moment.

SalesHood’s intelligent analytics ensures teams continuously improve their approach to individual clients, as well as their approach to selling overall.

8. ClearSlide

ClearSlide is a sales engagement platform that enhances sales interactions through content, communication tools, and deep integration with CRM systems.

ClearSlide Sales Enablement Tool | Sembly AI

According to ClearSlide users, the tool offers a huge library of sales presentations, marketing collateral, and email templates that can be tailored to the needs of different sales teams and their clientele. 

ClearSlide’s guided selling features make it easy for teams to identify their next move whenever engaging with prospective buyers — and to make iterative improvements to their approach based on their performance over time.

9. Seismic

Seismic is a comprehensive sales enablement platform that equips customer-facing teams with training, content, and analytics to boost performance and growth.

Seismic Sales Enablement Tool | Sembly AI

For sales training purposes, Seismic can be used to manage and deliver educational content that’s tailored to the specific needs of both sales teams and individual salespeople. Managers can use Seismic to create interactive lessons and other training experiences to ensure competence throughout their sales team on all fronts.

Seismic’s AI-powered analytics features help teams identify their strengths and weaknesses based on past performance metrics — and provide the guidance they need to optimize their approach moving forward.

10. Gong

Gong is a revenue intelligence platform that enhances team productivity and decision-making through AI-driven insights derived from customer interactions.

Gong Sales Enablement Tool | Sembly AI

Gong’s sales enablement software:

  • Automates the capture and analysis of sales calls and meetings to provide actionable insights
  • Enhances forecast accuracy and pipeline management through AI-powered analytics
  • Improves sales strategies with real-time data on customer engagements and interactions.

Gong’s users also appreciate the tool’s cross-functionality, which allows other departments to access sales calls and other important data. This strengthens the cohesiveness between sales, marketing, and other customer-facing teams to ensure optimized buying experiences for all prospective customers.

11. Highspot

Highspot is a leading sales enablement platform that uses AI to drive smarter sales processes and increase effectiveness across sales teams.

Highspot Sales Enablement Tool | Sembly AI

Highspot uses AI to equip sales teams with the best approaches, plays, and processes for all situations — ensuring they can provide the exact information their prospects need to make a decision. Team members can then use Highspot to tailor existing sales collateral to individual prospects based on context and other relevant factors.

Highspot also offers AI-powered analytics and reporting to help sales teams identify impactful sales content — and to make continuous improvements to all sales collateral as needed.

12. Mediafly

Mediafly is a revenue enablement platform that integrates tools, content, and insights to optimize buyer engagements and accelerate sales cycles.

OneMob Sales Enablement Tool | Sembly AI

Mediafly’s revenue-focused approach helps sales teams identify high-value prospects who they have the best chance of converting. From there, teams can use Mediafly to deliver interactive sales content and experiences to immerse prospects in your brand — and smoothly nurture them to high-value purchases.

Mediafly’s comprehensive analytics features piece apart the entire sales process to help teams identify the key factors that led to either positive and negative outcomes. In turn, teams can fully optimize their approach from soup to nuts to ensure higher and higher revenue generation in time.

13. OneMob

OneMob is a video sales and microsite platform that personalizes prospecting and deal-closing — and ultimately enhances prospect engagement.

OneMob Sales Enablement Tool | Sembly AI

In using OneMob to create unique microsites for individual prospects, sales teams can not only personalize the experience for their customers — but to also prove their full dedication to said customers on an incredibly granular level. Teams can also use OneMob to create quick-yet-powerful video content, which can easily be injected into emails to individual clients throughout the sales process.

Many of OneMob’s users appreciate the provider’s responsiveness on an individual level, and their dedication toward continuous improvement of their software based on user needs and suggestions.


14. Paperflite

Paperflite is a sales content management tool that allows sales teams to easily find, share, and track the engagement of their content with prospects.

Paperflite supports omnichannel distribution of content that’s automatically and dynamically tailored to individual recipients. Like OneMob, sales teams can use Paperflite to create interactive, media-rich microsites that deliver the exact experience needed to convert each prospect.

Paperflite’s intelligent reporting provides real-time tracking of email and attachment engagement, along with content analytics for individual prospects and entire audience segments. With this data, sales teams can make laser-focused improvements to their sales collateral — and to their approach to creating and distributing sales content, overall.

15. OnePageCRM

OnePageCRM is a streamlined CRM designed for small businesses, focusing on action and productivity with a simple user interface.

OnePageCRM Sales Enablemenet Tool | Sembly AI

As simplified as OnePageCRM is, it still provides:


  • A 360-degree view of clients and prospects
  • Interactive sales pipeline visualization
  • Relationship-building growth loop pathways for individual customers

OnePageCRM’s user-friendly design is ideal for business owners who need a clear, actionable, and not-too-complex solution to customer relationship management.


Investing in new and emerging technology is crucial to your sales enablement efforts.

And while building a comprehensive tech stack is incredibly important, it’s equally important to look for tools that fully enable your sales team in everything they do.

Which is why Sembly AI is one of the most important examples of sales enablement tools available.

With Sembly AI, your sales team can easily track and review any-and-everything discussed within sales calls, internal meetings, and team training sessions. This ensures team members never miss a beat — even when unable to actually attend engagements in person.

More importantly, Sembly AI’s intelligent reporting keeps team members focused on the most important aspects of these engagements — and connects insights gleaned from past conversations with more recently-discussed information. This keeps everything from customer engagements to internal sessions continuous, and continuously evolving at every touchpoint.


The best way to experience value from your Sales Enablement tool is to try it. Using the tool for just a few days will help you clearly identify how the technology fits in your specific sales workflow and what tangible benefits it brings. Many low-barrier options are available to get you on your way to technology-driven sales enablement.

To that end, Sembly AI offers a free full-featured trial on the Team plan, so you can experience the tool across all its value dimensions and decide if it fits your needs without a long-term commitment. You can register for the free trial here: https://www.sembly.ai/pricing/


Sales Enablement Solutions FAQs

How can sales enablement tools boost our sales team's performance?

Sales enablement tools optimize various areas of the sales process and provide sales teams the necessary resources, insights, and automation that enhance their work. These tools help increase conversion rates and drive revenue growth by optimizing lead management, improving customer interactions, and delivering data-driven insights.

When choosing a sales enablement tool from sales enablement companies, consider the content management system, CRM integration, advanced analytics and reporting, sales automation capabilities, training and coaching resources, and ease of use. This means that whatever tool you choose, it should support your customer service team’s needs as well as increase sales performance and marketing efforts.

Definitely yes! Small businesses can make good use of these sales enablement solutions and tools that can streamline sales processes, enhance efficiency, and provide valuable market insights. Many are scalable, making them ideal for smaller teams of sales professionals and medium-sized sales organizations.

Certainly. Sales enablement platforms often come with features like cloud-based access, real-time collaboration, and mobile compatibility, which are great for remote teams. No matter where your sales and marketing teams are located or what they need, all remote reps will have the necessary content library, sales enablement materials, and sales documents at hand with modern SaaS-based systems.

The cost of such a sales asset depends on features available, scalability, and vendor. Some subscriptions may be modestly priced per month, while others may require substantial investments for comprehensive enterprise sales enablement technology solutions. Therefore, evaluate your budget and identify your goals before choosing the best value for your money.

It is advisable to regularly update your marketing tools to keep up with changing buyer behaviors and technological advancements in the market. Constantly upgrading these tools ensures that your team of sales managers can effectively make changes, thus keeping your sales enablement strategy competitive and successful.

Sales enablement tools will be characterized by more automation, better insights driven by AI, and deep integration with other business systems. This means that sales processes will become even more simplified, provide more accurate data, and make it possible for sales leaders to provide personalized services.

Consider carefully whether the chosen sales enablement tool seamlessly integrates into your existing tech stack. You should seek a system that will integrate smoothly with your critical software such as CRM systems or email platforms.

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