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Focus on the discussion, we’ll track all the details

Sembly is a web and mobile app that accompanies you on your Teams, Zoom, and gMeet meetings, making meeting content available for review, search, and sharing.

Use Sembly Professional to unlock powerful AI analytics to help you and your team achieve more, while attending less!

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Your Online Calls Will Never Be the Same


Sembly automatically syncs with your calendar to join and record your scheduled meetings on all major conference platforms


Sembly transcribes your calls so you can refer back to what was said at a later time, reducing the need for on-call note-taking


You can read over what was said, search across all your meetings, and share important items with your friends or team members

Get more done
with Sembly

Stay focused on what’s important during your meeting,
Sembly will be there to support you after the call

Review and Search

Review what was said in a specific meeting or search across all your meetings

Bulletproof follow-up

Never miss an action item or an issue again with automatic item detection

Export and Sharing

Share a part or the whole meeting with your team so everyone can get up-to-speed, even if they didn’t attend

All caught up in a jiffy

Save time with summaries that Sembly generates automatically

Co-pilot or Autopilot

Sembly can attend calls you’re on as well as calls that you can’t make so you can review what was discussed on your own time

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Sembly connects to all major platforms


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Why our customers
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What Sembliants are saying…

The ability to review a meeting with the audio, transcription and auto-generated notes all synced in the Sembly Meeting Dashboard is very powerful. I catch critical items that I would have lost or forgotten in the day-to-day grind of meetings after meetings

Jeff Silver
Tecnology Integration Lead, SilverBridge Solutions

Sembly allows me to focus on running meetings and not being distracted taking notes. As a project manager that is a key element of running productive and focused meetings

Moshe Naimi
Managing Partner, Cross Point Solutions

Sembly has allowed me to shorten my meetings by ten to fifteen minutes and to have twenty five percent less participants but collaborate better

Scott Brown
Business Development Director, Project Made Easy
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You and Sembly make a great team!

Try Sembly on your next call and you’ll never go back to agentless meetings again

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