Sembly + Asana

Boost meeting productivity with
Sembly’s integration for Asana

Boost meeting productivity with
Sembly’s integration fo Asana

Supercharge your task management on Asana with Sembly.

Turn meetings into actionable tasks and boost team productivity – all within your Asana dashboard.


Send AI recognized tasks after every meeting to Asana

Send meeting insights as enriched tasks to your designated boards instantly.

Refine your team’s talk game, gather knowledge in one central hub, and crank up productivity. Elevate your task management – integrate Sembly with Asana and empower your team to act on meeting outcomes.

Control your meetings data flow with advanced filters

Optimize your work processes on different platforms within Asana using Sembly’s filtering functionality. Efficiently categorize meeting insights by team, meeting type, organizer, and keywords to concentrate on the crucial aspects.

Tailor custom filters with Sembly to align with your team’s specific requirements within Asana. Transform your task management by incorporating Sembly’s automated meeting filtering into Asana, ensuring each meeting is impactful.

Easy setup in 3 simple steps


Go to ‘My Automations’ or Workspace Automations page in the menu.


Setup your custom workflow easily with a simple wizard.


Sembly is ready to automatically send meeting data to your application.

Privacy and security

Enterprise-grade security

Through rigorous security audits, secure data storage, employee audits, and compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements, we can ensure the security, stability, and reliability of our platform.

Compliance & privacy

Sembly was created with a strong focus on privacy and security that scales to any size organization. Sembly is GDPR compliant and SOC 2 Type II certified. Sembly is officially SOC 2 compliant as of August 11, 2022.

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