Re-imagining the process: AI and Human Collaboration in Operations and Technology Meetings

Recently updated on May 28th, 2024

An emerging area of interest in enterprise adoption of AI is human and AI collaboration. We are living in a time of rapid advancements in AI and a soon to be realized capability inflection point with breakthroughs like GPT3 which continue to create opportunity to improve enterprise effectiveness and efficiency. Despite these advances AI usage in the Enterprise is still in an embryonic stage and humans must learn how to interact with increasingly capable machines quickly.

We believe that in the short- and medium-term or the next 5-10 years corporate environments need to invest time and effort to rethink human-AI interaction to create synergies with humans in the driver’s seat. The added value of strong AI integration across enterprise functions will undoubtedly lead to improving its competitive position.

With powerful AI enhanced insights corporate teams can gain data ‘superpowers’. These will allow more rapid decision-making and better outcomes. For example, Powow will be able to provide tactical insights to leadership on the progress of projects while they are in-flight. Anonymized data will rapidly filter up to leadership on potential delays or challenges based on a landscape of meetings inputs. Leaders will use management tools to initiate corrective actions long before they deteriorate seriously.

Applying AI to Operations and Technology team meetings requires to re-imagine the way they are used to achieve results. Corporate Teams need to address questions when integrating AI like:


  • Is our culture ready to enable machines to do tasks previously done by humans? There are many examples like Doctors that rely on AI’s to ‘read’ x-ray’s
  • Are we ready to analyze how humans together with AI get superior outcomes? Enterprise teams asking the right questions gets the right results
  • Are there systemic changes that need to happen to optimize outcomes with AI?

Corporate teams cannot afford to delay the AI and Human discovery journey for meetings. Gaining competitive advantage through better insights will yield cost advantages, cycle time reduction and increased quality.

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