Maximizing Meeting Follow-up Efficiency with AI Assistant

Maximizing Meeting Follow-up Efficiency with AI Assistant

Recently updated on March 15th, 2023

Following a meeting, whether you chaired it or attended it, there are often unfinished tasks that require completion before the next meeting. Typically, it is the responsibility of the meeting organizer to take care of these loose ends, which can divert their attention from other pressing matters. However, imagine having an AI assistant that could assist with these follow-up tasks.

This blog post delves into the ways in which an AI assistant can aid in meeting follow-up, allowing you to concentrate on other tasks. Furthermore, we’ll examine how this innovation can enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of meetings.

The Benefits of Having an AI Meeting Assistant

Having an AI meeting assistant offers numerous advantages. Among these advantages, the most apparent is that it allows you to devote your time to other duties.

Additionally, an AI assistant can boost meeting efficiency by handling administrative tasks and tracking meeting particulars. For instance, a Sembly AI agent can attend a meeting on your behalf and notify other participants of your proxy attendance.

Such technology can also enhance meeting effectiveness by providing insights and suggestions derived from past meeting data.

Advanced search

Aggregate discussions across all major conference platforms in one searchable, shareable, and secure meeting library.

Proxy attendance

Skip the meeting, let Sembly attend for you and send a message to the rest of the attendees.

An AI meeting assistant can also provide real-time assistance during the meeting itself. Imagine being in a meeting and seamlessly adding an action item by saying “Sembly add action: let’s conquer the world by next Friday.” The possibilities are endless!

In one example, through the utilization of Sembly AI, the organization reduced the time its employees spent on note-taking and capturing details, resulting in a 17% boost in meeting efficiency.

The software also led to a 50% drop in meeting in-person attendance without the loss of knowledge-sharing or efficiency, as accurate transcripts and summaries were produced through automation.

Voice commands

You can use in-meeting commands to trigger Sembly insight detection.

Voice identification

Assign a speaker to a voice manually or let Sembly do it for you with automatic voice identification.

How an AI Meeting Assistant Can Help with Follow-Up

An AI meeting assistant can help with follow-up in a number of ways. The assistant can compile a list of action items (like risks, issues, or requirements) during meetings and assign them to specific individuals.

Moreover, an AI assistant can also help with note-taking during the meeting. It can transcribe and summarize the discussion and identify important action items, decisions, and conclusions. This can be especially useful for those who find it difficult to keep up with fast-paced meetings or who struggle with taking accurate notes while being involved in the conversation.

Additionally, the assistant can create a summary of the meeting, which can be shared with all attendees. Finally, the assistant can schedule reminders for upcoming commitment deadlines related to the meeting.

Additionally, the assistant can create a summary of the meeting, which can be shared with all attendees. Finally, the assistant can schedule reminders for upcoming commitments deadlines related to the meeting.

Manage your commitments
Keep track of deadlines

For example, assistants can track attendance, note-taking, and decision-making to identify areas for improvement in future meetings. It can also analyze the tone and sentiment of the discussion to gauge the level of engagement and satisfaction among attendees.

Finally, an AI meeting assistant can integrate with other productivity tools, such as project management software or email clients, to further streamline the follow-up process. For example, it can automatically create tasks based on the action items identified during the meeting and push them into external to-do apps.

Members of the same workspace in Sembly don’t have to worry about sharing summaries from the same meetings. Our algorithms detect duplicates and send only one message from one of the users!

Slack & Zapier Integrations
Streamline the follow-up process

An AI assistant can be a valuable tool for helping with meeting follow-up. This type of technology can free up your time, improve meeting efficiency, and increase meeting effectiveness. If you want to take your meetings to the next level, consider using a Sembly AI assistant.

Overall, an AI meeting assistant can be a game-changer for meeting follow-up, helping to reduce the workload and improve the quality and efficiency of meetings. If you’re tired of spending hours on meeting follow-up, consider trying an AI assistant to help you get the most out of your meetings.

If you’re looking for a way to make your meetings more efficient and effective, we highly recommend trying Sembly. Its AI capabilities and user-friendly interface make it a valuable asset for any team or organization.

So why not give it a try and see how it can help you and your team take your meetings to the next level?

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